20 trips while young

Did you just say goodbye to your teens? Or you just turned 25 and you’re worrying about how your life will be, once you turn 30? Whatever the case, it doesn’t matter, if you live your 20’s right! So, make yourself a checklist of all the places to travel to in your 20s. Make memories to cherish forever and stories to tell your kids and grandkids.

Having a hard time making the checklist? If you can’t decide where to travel, here is a list of 20 trips to take in your 20’s. Grab your stuff and get ready to party!

1. The ultimate trip around Europe

Traveling to Europe in your 20’s is a must! Imagine devouring your favorite ice cream while watching the sunset over the Eiffel Tower. A trip to Europe in your 20’s will give you memories to savor forever.

The most popular tourist destination countries of Europe include the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, France, Greece, and Germany. Each one of them has its unique trades, so you have to visit every single one of them. The compact geography of the continent and convenient transportation allows you to enjoy the most of Europe in a very short time. So, hop on a plane and enjoy the time of your life, because Europe is plain fun!

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trip across europe

2. An Incredible American Road Trip

If you are in your 20’s and you haven’t been on an American road trip yet, you’re missing out on so much fun! Road trips are not just fun but also more affordable. Get your gears started this summer and travel across the country, from the Pacific Coast Highway to the wild coast of Maine. All you need is a car and a kick-ass playlist!

road trip in america

3. Yacht Week – Party and Adventure Sailing

What’s more fun than exploring beautiful waters and islands aboard your very own yacht? Well, at least you can dream about it while having fun on one. A yacht week will allow you to ride for a week through amazing beaches, beautiful islands, and enjoy hell lots of parties. Accompanied by your best mates and dozens of other people, this will be an experience of a lifetime. So, what are you waiting for?

yacht week adventure

4. Travel to Watch the World Cup

Traveling to watch the World Cup will be the adrenaline rush of your tour history. No matter where the World Cup takes place, it’s a perfect opportunity to travel somewhere you haven’t been before. You do not have to be a football fanatic, to watch the World Cup. Get your tickets booked in advance, there are a lot of people who want to see it in real life as well. It will be a lot of fun, you do not want to miss it!

watching the world cup

5. Go backpacking in South East Asia

Are you looking for an affordable yet fun destination to visit? Then you have to visit South East Asia. It’s my favorite continent to explore as there is so much to see and do there. It feels like you’re on a completely different planet. All the tastes, smells, and sounds, nothing will be like back home but that’s the beauty of it! Transportation is cheap and convenient, food is very delicious and above all, the locals are super friendly and welcoming. You will meet so many other travelers, and make unforgettable memories for sure!

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backpack south east asia

6. Take a solo trip – go somewhere completely by yourself

If you are in your 20’s and you haven’t traveled solo yet, you have to do it! Traveling solo is not as scary as you think it is. My first biggest solo trip was to South East Asia for 2 months, and it was mind-blowing. Solo traveling changes you completely and you don’t return home the same person as when you left. It teaches you so many valuable things like being confident, patient, present, and happy with your own company! Solo trips give you the freedom to make your own decisions and plan things your way. I met so many amazing people along the way that I’ve never felt like I was truly completely alone on my journey.

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solo trip adventure

7. Festivals Around the Globe

Among many travel destinations to travel in your 20’s, attending a festival is the most fun and thrilling! Many wonderful festivals happen throughout the year around the world, and you can always plan a trip to visit one. October fest in Germany, Tomorrowland in Belgium, Carnival in Rio, Carnival in Venice, the Holy and Diwali festival in India are just a few examples.

festivals around the globe

8. Go on a multi-day hiking trip

Hiking demands stamina, energy, and endurance. It will push you to your limits and will show you how much stronger you are than you think. You can take smaller hiking trips in your country or if you are up for a real adventure you can plan something bigger. What do you think about hiking to the Everest Base Camp or hiking Africa’s tallest peak Kilimanjaro?

multi-day hiking trip

9. Greek Island Hopping

If you want to do something in your 20’s that you will cherish and remember forever, then Greek island hopping is that thing! Greece is known for its gorgeous islands, breathtaking views, and delicious cuisine! Get around the beautiful Greek islands by ferry and enjoy the epic views along the way.

greek island hopping

10. Pack For a Jungle Adventure

Jungles can be adventurous and magical places to go in your 20’s. Imagine looking at the shafts of sunlight, piercing through the rainforest in Costa Rica; squirrels dancing across the forest floor; singing songs around the campfire, and stargazing at night.

jungle adventure

11. Go Skiing This Winter

Instead of hibernating this winter, plan a winter getaway! Winter months are the perfect time of the year to explore the snowy landscapes. So, why not, embrace the cold, gather your squad and have the best time of your life on the ski slopes in the Alps.

skiing in winter

12. Give Yourself a Culture shock

Broaden your horizons while you are in your 20’s. Travel to somewhere far and utterly different from your culture like China, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, etc. This can prove to be a fascinating experience, turning you into a more open-minded and fun person.

culture shock

13. Plan a Casino Vacation

Are you even in your 20’s if you haven’t yet had a casino vacation! There are some incredible casino destinations all around the world where you can have thrilling gaming action, enjoy the fun nightlife, and party hard. The first two destinations that come to my mind are Las Vegas and Monaco.

casino vacation

14. Spring Break in Mexico

Mexico is one of the best destinations for spring break. It’s got everything you could possibly need. Mexico offers you a warm-weather with gorgeous beaches and stunning mountain cities. To top it all, you can do it very budget-friendly.

spring break in mexico

15. Visit a Big City

One of the most exciting and fun places to visit in your 20’s are “big cities”. The big cities like New York, London, Paris, or Moscow offer big surprises. You just have to feel that energy at least once. They have a lot to offer, and for sure will help you dream big and feel like anything is possible.

visit a big city

16. Plan a Surfing Getaway

Picture yourself sitting on a surfboard in a bright turquoise ocean with the sun shining bright, waiting to catch the perfect wave! There are so many surfing destinations around the world where you can go to a surfing camp and have the best time of your life.

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surfing gateaway

17. An Adventure Trip to New Zealand

If you are madcap and live for adventure, then pack your bags and head to New Zealand! Try skydiving, bungee jumping, convoying, rafting, horseback riding, dolphin watching, or bridge climbing. This adventure island has a lot to offer and will satisfy your inner adrenaline junkie quite well.

new zealand trip

18. Work and Study Abroad

Apart from planning vacations in your 20’s, you should also travel abroad to work and study. This will not only help you grow as a person but also appreciate other nations and cultures. I’ve done it four times in my life and each one of them was so unique ad different, that I regret not doing it more often.

work and study abroad

19. Take a Volunteer Trip

One of the best things to do in your 20’s is planning a volunteer trip. Go to Africa or Costa Rica, and do some volunteer work. This will give you not only a sense of contentment but also an amazing opportunity to travel to new places.

volunteer trip

20. Travel together with your closest friends

Traveling with your friends is never boring! It does not matter what destination you choose, it is always going to be fun and a hell of an experience to cherish forever.

I was so happy that I was able to find a community to have those amazing trips with on Facebook called This Big Trip. It helped me to explore my hometown a lot more this year and create priceless connections with like-minded people who love to travel.

Save it for later

I hope I was able to help you with this 20 Trips To Take in Your 20’s list. Thank you so much for reading, comment below if you liked it or would want to add something else.
Don’t forget to contact me through email, Instagram or Facebook, where I share even more tips, so we can stay connected and get to know each other better. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Happy travels!

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