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Packing is a huge part of your travel adventure. It can be very frustrating to arrive at your destination and realize that you forgot something important. On the other hand, if you pack too much stuff you will end up paying high airline baggage fees for your bag and it will be very hard to find anything in it. That’s why I created this list of essential travel packing tips that every traveler should remember. It will make the whole packing process easier for you if you stick to this guide. So, here are some travel hacks on how to pack your bag like a pro.

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1. Make a list

Even after I’ve packed my bags for my travel adventures so many times, I still create packing lists. Usually, I know what I need without having to think about it too much. I can pack my bag 30 minutes before heading out the door and I never worry about the packing process. However, creating a list prior to your travel adventure will make it much easier for you. Do not leave it for the last moment.

I usually start preparing one week in advance and add things to it as days pass. It will also give you enough time to buy something extra that you might need. There will be things constantly popping in your head that you should not forget and you’ll thank me later that you had a list to write them down.

Ask yourself, how many times you’ve forgotten something that you said you won’t forget.

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2. Leave some empty space in your bag/suitcase

If after packing everything, you don’t have any space left, it’s a sign that you definitely have to take something out of your bag.

In most cases, it’s going to be something like clothes, shoes, or skincare stuff. Don’t forget that most of the time wherever you are going, you will be able to find shops to buy similar things that you might need. Most people’s problem is always over packing not under packing. Also, you will want to buy something to bring with you back home, so the empty space will be much needed.

Pro Travel Tip: Don’t forget that most of the time you’ll be able to find a place where you can do your laundry. That’s one of the main reasons why I love staying in Airbnbs, most of the apartments have washing machines as well. Also, most of the hostels that I’ve stayed at all around the world had laundry places. So, you can even go ahead and call your hotel to ask them if they can do your laundry so you know for sure how much clothes to bring with you.

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3. Always roll your clothes instead of folding them

I was the kind of person who thought that folding your clothes was the way to go and that rolling them would be a bizarre thing to do. I couldn’t be more wrong.

Rolling your clothes makes such a huge difference. That’s exactly how I was able to pack all of my tops and dresses while backpacking Southeast Asia for 2 months into only one backpack.

Rolling your clothes saves your precious space and doesn’t make your clothes all wrinkled.

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4. Use packing Cubes

Another thing that I’ve never done was using packing cubes/pouches. I thought “What is the point to put more bags inside my bag”? But it’s another tiny thing that makes a huge difference.

You have no idea how much space packing cubes can save you. They will also help you stay organized and all your items will be easily accessible when you’re looking for something in your bag. I usually have at least three packing cubes in my bag. One for undergarments, one for top clothes and dresses, and one for bottoms.

You can get them here

5. Use every empty inch

You won’t be able to avoid empty space when packing things like closed shoes or hats. So, use it to your advantage and stuff it with other smaller things like socks or scarfs. That way, you are not going to waste the empty space and they will hold their shape better.

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6. Put the most valuable stuff in your carry-on bag

It sounds kind of obvious, but I’m not only talking about your passport or a laptop. There are some more valuable things for traveling that you should put in your carry-on bag.

They are things like toiletries, toothbrushes, chargers, and a pair of clothes to change into. You’ll be very happy that you have them beside you at all times in case your checked bag gets lost.

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7. Don’t forget the 3-1-1 rule

Simply put: don’t put full-sized products in your carry-on bag.

All of the liquids and gels should be put into 3,4 ounces (100 ml.) sized containers that fit into 1 quart-sized clear plastic bag. Only 1 plastic bag per traveler is allowed.

Even if I’m going somewhere for 2-3 weeks, I never pack full-sized products with me. I always transfer all of my skincare stuff like shampoo, conditioner, and lotions into small bottles.

8. Create your outfits

When choosing which clothes to pack I would suggest you think about your outfits as a whole. Don’t just pack some random tops and shorts. Think about which garments you can combine and which are versatile and could be used as a top, dress, and skirt at the same time.

I would suggest you even go one step further and take pictures of all the outfits that you’re going to wear. It will help you see your outfits better, and decide whether you like them or not. Also, it will save you time in the morning while getting ready.

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9. Wear your clothes in layers

Instead of wearing one thick blouse, it will be much better if you wear a top underneath the T-shirt, underneath a blouse and a bulky sweater on the top. It will save you a lot of space in your carry-on bag, and it will also help you adjust to different temperatures quickly, like in airplanes where it can get very cold.

One time I was coming back from Austria flying with the low budget airline Wizz Air. I was traveling around Christmas time and I bought many Christmas ornaments , because I forgot that I’m going back with the same full backpack that I came with. So, because I didn’t want to pay for the second piece of luggage, I had to wear 10 different layers of clothes. You read it right 10 layers of clothing on my upper body, 2 pairs of jeans and I even wore 2 winter scarfs, 2 pairs of warm socks, and had 1 pair of socks in my pockets!
Of course, I don’t suggest you go to that extreme but it’s all about how much you want it!

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10. Bring a reusable water bottle

This is a huge one. It’s important to take even small steps to reduce plastic pollution and protect our planet. So, always bring a reusable water bottle when traveling. That way you won’t have to buy plastic water bottles all the time and it’s very important for staying hydrated and healthy.

To learn even more Tips on How to Stay Fit and Healthy While Traveling click here

11. Never leave without a power bank

Bring a power bank with you when traveling. You don’t want to be left without a battery in a country that you haven’t been before and wonder what to do next. It can be quite hard to find enough plugs in some airports.

12. Don’t forget a hand sanitizer.

One last thing that I never travel without is hand sanitizer. Can you even imagine how many people pass through airports every day? Oh, and those airplanes that you’re closed in for hours don’t get cleaned as often as we would wish. So, stay on the safer side and always bring a hand sanitizer with you.

Bonus Travel Tip: even before you start packing your bags, check the rules of the airline company you’re flying with. Each one of the companies has its own allowances. It seems like a no brainer but I always see so many people arguing during the checking-in process because they didn’t read the baggage policy properly. Check on the airline’s website how many carry-ons and checked bags you can take and most importantly don’t forget to check their dimensions.

Some more travel hacks on how to save more space when packing your bag

Use straws for your necklaces and pill containers for your earrings

If you have a lot of necklaces that you want to bring on your trip, you can put one end inside of the straw and close it afterward. That way they will not get all tangled in your bag.

For the small earrings that you have, another thing that you can do is to put them inside a pill container. That way all of your earrings will have their own place and won’t get lost in your suitcase.

Bring those cosmetic samples that you’ve been collecting from beauty stores

Traveling is the best time to use all of those beauty samples that you got from the beauty stores after shopping. They are already packaged in a perfect way and size for your trip.

Use a contact lense case

The small case for contact lenses is an excellent container for storing your skincare. It works out perfectly for the things that you don’t need big quantities of. For example things like different creams, makeup stuff (like a liquid foundation for example), hair, or facial oils.

Use a sunglasses case to organize your cables

There are a lot of great electronic organizers that you can find online, however, if you didn’t create your packing list in time and forgot about it, there is another great option.

Simply, use a sunglasses case to put all of your cables in. That way your cords won’t get all tangled up and will stay in one place.

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Save this post for later

I hope I was able to help you with these travel packing tips and answered a question on how to pack your bag properly. Don’t forget to comment down below and add other tips that you know, so that we can learn from each other.

Happy Travels!

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