Packing tips

Packing is a huge part of your travels which can get overwhelming and confusing, but it’s very essential. That’s why I created this list of things that you should remember. It will make the whole packing process a little bit easier for you. Also it will make it a pleasant experience which you will look forward to because it’s all a part of your incredible travel journey.

Packing tips
  1. Always leave some empty space in your bag/suitcase. If after packing everything, you don’t have any space left, it’s a sign that you definitely have to take something out of your bag. In most cases it’s going to be something like clothes, shoes or skincare stuff. Don’t forget that most of the time wherever you are going, you will be able to find shops to buy similar things that you might need. Most people’s problem is always OVERPACKING not under packing. Also, you will want to buy something to bring with you back home, so the empty space will be much needed.
  2. Roll your clothes. I was the kind of person who thought that folding your clothes was the way to go. That rolling them would be a bizarre thing to do. Believe me and try it for yourself. It made a huge difference, because it really saves your precious space and doesn’t make your clothes all wrinkled.
  3. Packing Cubes. Another thing that I’ve never done was using packing cubes/pouches. I thought “What is the point to put more bags inside my bag?”. But it’s another tiny thing that makes a huge difference. It saves space, helps you stay organized and all your items will be easily accessible when you’re looking for something.
  4. Fill the empty space. If you are packing closed shoes or a big hat with you,
    put your socks inside them. That way, you are not going to waste the empty space and they will hold their shape better.
  5. Put the most valuable stuff in your carry-on bag. It sounds kind of obvious, but I’m not only talking about your passport or laptop. You should also put stuff like toiletries, toothbrush and a pair of clothes to change into, in case your checked bag gets lost.
  6. Use straws for your necklaces and pill containers for your earrings. If you have a lot of necklaces that you want to bring on your trip, you can put one end inside of the straw and close it after. That way they will not get all tangled. For the small earrings that you have another thing that you can do is to put them inside a pill container. Each one will have its own place.
  7. Small bottles/containers or use a bar soap.
    Even if I’m going somewhere for 2-3 weeks, I never pack full sized products with me. I always transfer all of my skincare stuff like shampoo, conditioner, and lotions into small bottles because you need way less product than you might think.
  8. Bring samples. Best time to use all the beauty samples that you might have is when you’re traveling. They are already packaged in a perfect way for your trip.
  9. Bring a contact lenses case. The small case is an excellent option for storing your skincare: creams, makeup stuff (like a liquid foundation for example), hair or facial oils that you don’t need large quantities of.
  10. Use sunglass case to organize your cables. That way your cords won’t get all tangled up.
  11. Bring a reusable water bottle. So you don’t have to buy plastic water bottles all the time and it’ very important to stay hydrated.

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  1. Wear different layers. Wear as many layers of clothing as you can, because the temperature on the airplane can vary a lot.
  2. Laundry bag. Bring a laundry bag with you if you are going for a longer period of time or if you are going on a beach vacation. You can use it to separate your dirty clothes from the rest of your baggage, you can put wet clothes inside, or you can use it as an extra shopping/day bag.
  3. Power strip. Bring a power strip with you, especially if you’re staying in a hostel. You don’t want to be that kind of person who uses all the plugs.
  4. Hand sanitizer. No matter where you are going you will definitely need it, and you will be happy that you have it with you.
packing tips

I hope I was able to help you with these tips to make your packing process atleast a little bit easier. Don’t forget to comment down below if you like it or with other tips that you might add.

Thank you so much for reading and don’t forget to contact me through email, Instagram or Facebook, where I share even more tips, so we could stay connected and get to know each other better. Can’t wait to hear from you! Happy travels!

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