I’ve been traveling around the world and exploring our planet since I was only 17. The biggest misconception that people still have about traveling is how expensive it is. They have the thought that traveling is only for the “chosen few ones” and can’t be a regular reality.

I’m here to show you the opposite! Travel doesn’t have to be expensive or an unachievable dream.

I want to teach you that it’s indeed possible to travel as much as you want, you just have to know some hacks that you need to apply if you want to do it cheaper.

My goal is to inspire you to live your life on your own terms because there is truly an endless amount of possibilities of how to do it.

There are so many useful resources out there about traveling that you just have to use in a smart way to your benefit.

That’s the main reason that I finally decided to create this eBook. I wanted to put together all of the most important information about traveling that you have to know in one place for you.

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