We live in a digital age and our phone is the thing that we use the most. It’s always either in your hand or in your pocket. There are more than 2 million apps in the App store. Useful apps can make your travel adventures better and easier, but considering how many apps can be downloaded on your phone it can be hard to choose which travel apps are useful and which are just trash. This list of must-have travel apps will help you know which ones to download without wasting your time.

1. Google maps

This is one of those staple apps that is simply a must on your phone. Of course, you can use it for its basic functions like GPS, finding restaurants, your hotel, or different attractions. But the main reason why I use it is to save and help me create my travel itinerary. It allows you to make different lists of places that you want to visit and highlight them on your map.

You already know how it works if you’ve read my other blog post How to Plan your perfect trip, if not click here.

You will always be able to see where you are and where you need to go. It will show you the different public transportation options that you can take to get to your destination. You can easily download the map and use it offline when you need it.

google maps
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2. Google trips

Disclaimer: in August 2019 the app was deleted but you can still access all the same features on the website: https://www.google.com/travel. Just save it in the Bookmarks on your phone to open it faster.

It’s a great app to organize your travels because it will use your email address and synchronize all your bookings together. Google Trips will automatically add all the details of your flights and other reservations that you made using your email.

It will also show you: discounts in the city that you are visiting, helpful tips, saved spots that you have on your Google maps, and  to do in the city, separated into different categories. It also shows all the necessary information about each place like working hours, telephone number, website, directions, reviews, basically, everything that you might want to know and you can save them easily from the app to your Google maps. You can also download all the information for offline use.

3. Trip it

This app works in the same way as Google Travel does but it’s just a different app. You’ll be able to see all of your bookings and reservations in one place. You can even share your travel itinerary with whoever needs to know the information. It might be a person who is traveling with you, picking you up from the airport, or simply a person back home for your safety.

You can pay for Trip It Pro subscription and get real-time flight alerts, up-to-date terminal and gate info, guidance to your gate, where to find your baggage, and traffic conditions check to let you know when you should leave for your flight.

trip it
Screenshot courtesy of App Store

4. Loungebuddy

This app will give you access to airport lounges all over the world. If you’re traveling often you know how frustrating it might be to try to find a place in the airport during a long layover or while waiting hours for your flight.

Loungebuddy will help you find a lounge area in the chosen airport regardless of your credit card status or airline membership. It has options for any type of traveler. You can find photos and reviews from other travelers.

Screenshot courtesy of App Store


5. What’s app

This is another app that doesn’t need a lot of explanation. It is the most commonly used app all over the world for sending free messages and calls. You just need the internet to use it. It will save you if you don’t want to buy a local SIM card for each country that you’re visiting. Don’t forget to download the app before you go traveling.

whats app
Screenshot courtesy of App Store

6. Google translate

English is a widely spoken language in a lot of countries. However, it’s always better to communicate with locals in their language. I know that there are a lot of translate apps out there, but I keep coming back and stick to Google translate. It gives you the broadest variety of languages. Also, you can just take a picture of the text that you want to translate and it will show you the translation on your screen right away.

A lot of people say that it’s not accurate but it’s nowhere to how it was before. It’s updated regularly and keeps getting better and better, especially for popular languages like French, Spanish and Italian. Again, you can download the language that you need for offline use.

Screenshot courtesy of App Store

7. Airbnb

It’s my go-to app when booking my accommodation. It shows excellent properties for the lowest price. You can book a private room, an entire apartment, or a whole villa. They have Airbnb Plus and Airbnb Luxe section if you want to splurge on your accommodation. You will communicate right in the app with your host and the whole process of renting is made very simple.

Another amazing feature of the Airbnb app is that you can book and choose from thousands of different experiences. Offered by locals the list is endless, including guided tours, cooking classes, photography sessions, wine tastings, all sorts of lessons, and other activities.

Screenshot courtesy of App Store

8. XE Currency

This app will help you convert different currencies easily and fast. It’s a must-have app when traveling to a foreign country. I recommend this app in particular because you can easily add and use several currencies at once. You can monitor 10 currencies of your choice and have access to live rates.

You can also use it for sending money abroad and to look up currency data.

xe currency
Screenshot courtesy of App Store

9. The airline that you are flying with

I usually download the official app of the airline that I’m flying with. Like for example, Air Asia, Fly Delta, United, JetBlue, etc. It makes it easier to check-in online and tracks all the information.

10. Trail Wallet

I can’t recommend this travel app enough, it’s truly a must when you traveling. I was so happy that I found it before my solo trip to Southeast Asia as it made tracking my travel spendings so much easier.

It’s very easy to use and it will help you to set your daily budget, log all your spendings, use different currencies at the same time, and create multiple lists.

Its free version will let you use it only 25 times, but believe me, I have only 3 paid apps on my phone and this one is worth every cent. Oh, and it’s only $5!

trail wallet
Screenshot courtesy of App Store


11. Booking.com / Hotels.com / Agoda

All of these are very useful apps to download before your trip. All of them can have amazing deals for your destination and I always check the prices between all of them while traveling.

With Hotels.com you get one night for free after booking and staying for 10 nights.

Booking.com and Agoda have the biggest range of places to book.

Screenshot courtesy of App Store

Booking – iOS/Android

Agoda – iOS/Android

Hotels.com – iOS/Android

12. Hostelworld

This is the app that I use the most when I’m traveling solo. I always prefer to save as much as I can on accommodation, so booking a hostel is the best way to do it. It’s also a great way to meet new people along the way.

Screenshot courtesy of App Store

13. Couchsurfing

I personally really love this app and the whole concept. Couchsurfing is a platform, which helps you find homestays all over the world for free. I used it more than 10 times, for my travels in the USA, Thailand, and Austria. I would do it again without a doubt. You meet a person who will be able to share with you insider tips and give you information about where to go for dinner and where the best place to party is.

Even if you don’t want to stay in somebody else’s home, you can use this app for finding local meet-ups. Hangouts feature will help you find a person to go out with, grab a drink, or visit any other attraction. It’s simply the perfect travel app especially if you’re traveling solo.

Screenshot courtesy of App Store

14. Hopper

You can save up to 40% on your next flight using this app. It works best if your dates are not set for your travel adventure. This app will predict up to 1 year in advance if prices will go up or down. You can track your flight in the app and it will send you a notification when the ticket prices drop to the best and lowest price.

Screenshot courtesy of App Store

15. Skyscanner

Useful travel app to book the cheapest flights. It works amazing especially if you’re flexible with your dates and the destination.

Screenshot courtesy of App Store

Pro Travel Tip: I always prefer to book my flights on a desktop version in private mode, read more about my tips to book cheaper travel here.

16. Air Help

Let’s face it no matter how much you plan, travel can be quite unpredictable at times. That’s when the Air Help app will come in handy. It will help you get up to $700 in-flight compensation. Just put in your flight information and the company will take care of it.

Screenshot courtesy of App Store

17. Get Your Guide

My favorite platform to use when looking for great activities when traveling. It will help you book your ticket for tours and classes all over the world, and you won’t have to worry about losing your ticket as it will always be available on your phone.

get your guide
Screenshot courtesy of App Store

18. Visit a city

Amazing app to use to search for more information about things to do in your city. Its great feature is that it will help you create an actual itinerary with hours and dates to plan your trip accordingly. You can either choose the one which is already in the app or create your own.

visit a city
Screenshot courtesy of App Store

19. Uber

Great way to book your ride without being afraid of getting scammed or overcharged. You’ll have to pay by card and it gives you an estimated price before you make your booking.

Screenshot courtesy of App Store

20. Grab / GoJek / My Blue Bird (Asia)

Same as Uber but it’s used mostly in Southeast Asia

Screenshot courtesy of App Store

21. Turo

Fantastic app if you are looking to rent a car while traveling. We used it to rent our car in Hawaii, and it worked out perfectly. It offers excellent variety, low prices and it has a straightforward booking process.

Screenshot courtesy of App Store

There are a lot more travel apps out there that you can use to make your travel experience better

Flight Aware – will show you information about any flight in real-time. iOS/Android

Been – help you track all the places that you’ve visited in the world and show you the percentage of how much you saw. iOS/Android

Timeshifter – will help you avoid the jet lag even before your trip starts. iOS/Android

Netflix – not exactly a travel app but might be a very helpful app to download before your trip. You can download your favorite shows to watch during your flight. iOS/Android

GlobeTips – which will let you know how much to tip in more than 200 countries in the world. iOS

PackPoint – will help you create an ultimate travel packing list based on your chosen destination. iOS/Android

Hotel Tonight – will help you book last-minute accommodation. iOS/Android

Roadtrippers – will help you create an ultimate road trip and show you all the must-visit stops along the way. iOS/Android

Triposo – offers a lot of downloadable guides .

Meetup – to find more people to go out with during your travels based on your interests. iOS/Android

TheFork – will help you make a reservation in a restaurant of your choice, works in 11 countries, mostly in Europe. You can even get a 50% discount on your meal only because you’ve booked with this app. iOS/Android

HappyCow – This app will help you if you have any dietary restrictions and would like to search for places to eat which offer healthier, vegan, or vegetarian options. They have a massive amount of restaurants and cafes in their database, and you can read reviews from other travelers. iOS/Android

Trip Whistle – knows the emergency numbers of more than 190 countries and will help you use them very fast if you need them. iOS

Viator and Trip Advisor – Will show you the biggest database of all the activities that you can do in any given city. Viator – iOS/Android , Trip Advisor – iOS/Android

If you would like to learn more tips on how to make your travel adventures easier, look no further!

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