Apps for your travel

A lot of people feel overwhelmed by the amount of research they have to make to organize a great trip or by the amount of information they have to track and remember. That’s exactly when this list comes in handy.
These apps will make a HUGE difference in how you travel and make it a lot easier and enjoyable experience.

Apps for your travel

  1. Google maps
    I can’t recommend it enough, you just must have it when you travel. You will always be able to see where you are and where you need to go. Another great thing that it offers, is showing you the different public transportation option that you can take to get to your destination. You can easily download the map and use it offline when you need it. It also allows you to make different lists of places that you want to visit and highlight them on your map.

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  1. Google trips
    Disclaimer: in August 2019 the app was deleted but you can still access all the same features for the website: Just save it in the Bookmarks on your phone to open it faster.
    It’s a great app to organize your travels especially if you are using the same e-mail address. Google Trips will automatically add all the details of your flights and other reservations that you have on the app. It also will show you: discounts in the city that you are visiting, helpful tips, saved spots that you have on your Google maps which is the best thing ever (read this to use the same helpful step when planning your perfect trip). It will show you things to do (separated in different categories) and all the necessary information like times when the place is open, telephone number, website, directions, reviews, basically everything that you might want to know and you can save them easily from the app to your Google maps. You can also download all the information for offline use.
  2. What’s app
    It is the most commonly used app all over the world (US, Europe, Asia and I used it even in Egypt) for sending free messages and calls. You just need internet to use it.
  3. Google translate
    English is a widely spoken language in a lot of countries. However, it’s always better to communicate with locals in their own language. I know that there are a lot of translate apps out there, but I still stick to Google translate. It gives me the most broad variety of languages. Also, you can just take a picture of the text that you want to translate and it will show you the translation on your screen right away. Again, you can download the language that you need for offline use.
  4. Airbnb
    It’s my go-to app when booking my accommodation. It shows excellent properties for the lowest price. Another thing that Airbnb is beneficial with is to book different experiences like tours, cooking classes, photography sessions, all sorts of lessons and other activities offered by locals.
  5. XE Currency
    This app will help you convert different currencies very fast. It’s a must-have app when traveling to a foreign country, because if you can’t convert two currencies properly, you can lose a lot of money in the process. I recommend this app in particular because you can easily add and use several currencies at once.
  6. The airline that you are using
    I usually download the official app of the airline that I’m flying with. Like Air Aisa, Fly Delta, United, JetBlue, etc. It makes it easier to check-in online and track all the information.
  7. Trail Wallet
    I can’t recommend this app enough. It made tracking my travel spendings so much easier. It’s very easy to use and it will help you to set your daily budget, log all your spendings, use different currencies at the same time and create multiple lists.



  1. Airbnb / / / Agoda
    My first option is always Airbnb because you can book an amazing local stay like renting an apartment or a villa for a very low price. Then I go to the other apps to compare the prices.
  2. Hostelworld
    This is the app that I use the most when I’m traveling solo because I always prefer to pay as little as I can on accommodation. It’s also a great way to meet new people.
  3. Couchsurfing
    I personally really love this app. Couchsurfing is a platform, which helps you find homestays all over the world for free. I used it for a whole month to travel across the United States and I met so many amazing people along the way.



  1. Hopper
    It’s a great app which will help you book your flight for the best price. It will tell you if the price is okay to book, if it’s too high or if you should book right away. It also will send you notifications when the prices drop.
  1. Skyscanner / Kayak
    Useful app to book the cheapest flights and is very helpful if you are flexible with your destination and your dates. (I always prefer to book my flights on a desktop version in private mode, read more about my tips to book cheaper travel here)

For planning different activities, there are several apps that I use, and I always compare all of them to find activities that suit me the most:

  1. Get your guide
  2. Visit a city
  3. Viator
  4. Trip Advisor
Apps for your travel

Transportation apps:


  1. Uber
    Great way to book your ride without being afraid to get scammed or extra charged since you are paying by card and it gives you an estimate price even before your booking.
  2. Grab / GoJek / My Bue Burd (Asia)
    Same as Uber but it’s used in Southeast Asia
  3. Turo
    Fantastic app if you are looking to rent a car. We used it to rent our car in Hawaii, and it worked out perfectly. It offers excellent variety, low prices and it has a straightforward booking process.



  1. Happy Cow
    This app will help you if you have any dietary restrictions and would like to search for places to eat which offer healthier options, vegan or vegetarian options. They have a massive amount of restaurants and cafes in their database, and you can read reviews from other travelers.
  2. Been
    It’s just a cute app to track all the countries that you’ve visited and actually to see how small the percentage is.

I hope I was able to help you with these apps to organize and plan your trip easier and comment down below if you like it or with other tips that you might add.

Thank you so much for reading. Don’t forget to contact me through email, Instagram or Facebook, where I share even more tips, so we could stay connected and get to know each other better. Can’t wait to hear from you! Happy travels!

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