Airport & airplane tips

Even though I love to travel and I love every second of it, I know that for a lot of people it can be the most frustrating part of their journey. That’s why I created the list of helpful airport and airplane tips which you should not forget before your next flight to help you make it a more pleasant experience.

Airport tips

Before your flight:

  1. Try to pack a carry on only
    If you pack only a carry-on, you will not have to wait for your bag after landing, it will not get lost, and it will be easier for you to hop on a new flight if the old one gets canceled.
  2. Mark your bag
    If you plan on bringing a checked bag, put some stickers on it or tie a colorful ribbon to the handle. That way you can quickly identify which one is yours or at least describe it, if it gets lost.
  3. Don’t wear a belt or metal jewelry
    That will make the process of going through the security line much more straightforward.
  4. Pack a book
    Reading a good book is a great way to spend your time productively at the airport or during your flight and to learn some new things without any distractions that you might experience at home.
  5. Don’t forget to charge your electronics
    Even though we live in a tech-friendly world, there are still some airports where it’s hard to find a plug, so just be prepared and fully charged.


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  1. Bring your own snacks
    Many times the food on your flight might be worse than you expected and all of the meals at the airport are way too overpriced. Bring your own snacks with you to prevent you from spending unnecessary money or getting hangry.
  2. Check-in online
    It makes the whole process at the airport go a lot smoother and much easier if you take time to check-in in advance online.
  3. If there are two of you traveling
    If there are two of you traveling together, when choosing your seats, pick one aisle and one window seat. Chances are the seat between you will be free (if the airplane is not full) and even if it is, you can always ask the person sitting in the middle to swap with you.
  4. Choose your seat
    SeatGuru or SeatMaestro will show you the list of all the seats on your flight so you can choose the one that suits you best.
  5. Make your boarding pass your phone screen image
    The same thing that I do with local currencies chart (check what I mean and more tips here) I screenshot my boarding pass and set it as a lock screen on my phone, so it’s easily accessible whenever I need it.
  6. “Sleeping in Airports” website
    It will be beneficial especially if you have a long layover. It will show you the places to sleep, eat or tips like where to find a plug, etc.
Airport tips


  1. Clean your space
    Planes don’t get cleaned very often, that’s why you should always do it yourself. Wipe the armrests, window shield and especially your food tray. Also, don’t forget to bring your hand sanitizer.
  2. Try to move during your flight
    Of course, if you have a window seat, it might not be that easy but if you have an aisle seat always try to get up and move at least a little bit every hour.
  3. Wear bulky clothes on you
    This way, your bag will weigh less, and the temperature on the airplane can be very uncomfortable, either too cold or too hot, so it’s nice to have the option to take off some layers.
  4. If you want to change your seat
    If you are unhappy with your seat, will send you a notification when somebody changes theirs so you could swap yours on time.
  5. Chew gum
    Chew gum or try to swallow something during takeoff and landing to avoid uncomfortable feeling in your ears.

I hope I was able to help you with these tips to make your next flight at least a little bit easier and comment down below if you like it or with other tips that you might add.

Thank you so much for reading and don’t forget to contact me through email, Instagram or Facebook, where I share even more tips, so we could stay connected and get to know each other better. Can’t wait to hear from you! Happy travels!

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