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I am Diana from “Travelling with Diana” welcoming you all to my world of travel, tourism, and dream destinations.

I’ve been traveling around the world, exploring new lands and waters of our magnificent planet since I was only 17.

My travel blog is all about helping you discover this beautiful world with some of the best travel itineraries, advice, tips, and a large amount of information for a large number of tourist destinations and international traveling attractions.

Born in Russia and raised in Bulgaria, this is my home now. My childhood memories are full of pleasurable moments I spent with my family traveling across the region on various trips and visits. As I grew older this thirst for exploring the world and discovering new places grew even deeper.

I still remember the excitement of my first international trip to Dubai. Beautiful, lively, and vibrant, this was a life-changing trip that inspired me to become what I am today.

A travel blogger, who wants to help others like me, quench their thirst for traveling.

Екопътека Чилингира гледка
Дяволски мост гледка
Каменните гъби

My mission is to make all your traveling dreams come true no matter how wild and impossible they may seem to the world.

You do not need to hire big and expensive travel agencies and tour operators to explore this wonderful land.

You can plan a fabulous journey across the oceans WITHOUT spending your life savings on big luxury cruises and out of your pocket budgets.

Whether you are going solo or with friends and family, whether you want to backpack or go through customized tours, I can help you devise and select the BEST travel itinerary suitable to your requirements and help you see it all with your own eyes.

Through my life journey, I have learned that traveling is the best way to explore the faraway places that you can only dream about and use them to learn about new cultures, traditions, and lifestyles.

It is an opportunity to meet new people and get inspired by them to change yourself and your life for the better.

It is the best way to unwind from the stresses of the daily busy lives and give yourself a break from the hectic routines of the practical world.

waterfall in Laos
Temple in Egypt
Flowers in Hoi An Vietnam

So, do not be fearful or afraid to go out on an adventurous and exciting journey because they can provide the relief and inspiration that you might be searching for all your life.

Through my eventful traveling experiences and journeys, I can help you get the most reliable and inspiring information about various dream destinations and tourist attractions across the globe.

Through my travel diaries, you can also find out about some of the unexplored wonders of the world that I have explored and cherished as a traveler.

For any kind of advice and query regarding traveling or planning your discovery trips, I encourage my readers to contact me through Instagram, Facebook, or through my travel blog “Travelling with Diana”.

So, don’t be hesitated and get out there and explore the WORLD OF YOUR DREAMS.

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karadjov kamuk
travel off season

Hi,friend. It’s Diana

I help and empower women to take their first solo trip confidently, face their fears and receive true freedom to live their best life. Reading this blog you will be one step closer to your dream of travelling the world. Start Travelling with Diana so you can become a badass traveler on your own.

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